What many of our American readers probably do not know is that until 1993 all cars in France were required to have yellow headlights. This tradition started during World War II so that the French civilian cars would stand out form enemy vehicles. The Government enacted a law on the 3rd of November, 1936 stating that all vehicles put into production in 1937 are required to have yellow headlights. The French being who they are, didn't abandon these headlights until 1993 when forced by the European Unions conformity standards. Today, it is illegal to drive in France with yellow headlights unless your car was first registered before 1993.

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Yellow headlights on the Citroën DS

Yellow headlights on the Citroën DS

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Alexander Rooksmoor 08/13/2017 11:08

As an aside, would be interesting to see Clarkson sporting a tank top like the guy in this footage!

Alexander Rooksmoor 08/13/2017 11:07

Useful information when writing a novel set in Paris in 1961, just what I am doing at the moment.

Shawn Cromwell 07/30/2017 01:07

I've often wondered, and now I know. Thanks.

V8 01/15/2017 23:36

They didn't say anything about the war in this top gear video

Max 08/09/2017 14:57

Top Gear is not a serious TV show, they only joke... Don't believe them...

site 02/03/2016 08:31

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