US rapper Flo Rida has taken flashy and trashy to a new level with his "Goldgatti".

The 33-year-old recently unveiled a USD 1 million-plus Bugatti Veyron supercar that he has wrapped in gold.

Flo Rida, real name Tramar Lacel Dillard, originally purchased the Bugatti in white and later had it wrapped in chrome, but he has quickly grown tired of that colour scheme which has seen fellow rapper 50 Cent and teen pop star Justin Bieber also chrome their vehicles.

Hollywood company, Metro Wrapz, carried out the gold covering.

The rapper's liking for the gold look has extended to the car's rims which are reported to be 24 carat.

WrappedWorld says of the vehicle: ''This Gold Chrome Wrapped Bugatti belongs to music sensation Flo-Rida. Flo puts all his trust in Bruno to deliver a quality product when it comes to his rides.

''Originally wrapped in chrome, Flo-Rida decided to change it up and turn it into a Golden Gatti. The shoes on the Gold Gatti match the vinyl. Flo-Rida’s Bugatti is sitting on 24 inch, 24 karat gold Forgiato rims.''


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